Video: Yakusoku Kumite… continue your learning outside of the dojo.

Uechi-Ryu Karate’s curriculum outlines a warm-up (Junbi Undo), technique drills (Hojo Undo/Kihon), forms (Kata), technique applications (Yakosuku Kumite), and sparring (Kumite). After drilling individual techniques and kata, Yakosuku Kumite gives a practitioner a road map to execute techniques in combination against an attacker.

Below is a video of Yakosuku Kumite. Use this video to complement your dojo training.

Slow motion video of Yakosuku Kumite.

Thank you very much for Sensei Chip Quimby of Authentic Karate Training Center of Peabody, Massachusetts, U.S.A. for sharing these great videos!

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News Wrap-up From David Chan in Okinawa:
Well IOK’s Man in the field, David Chan is now sadly back in Iraq “at Work” for the Army.  Keep him in your prayers.  David’s short trip to Okinawa seems to have been an incredibly inspiring one.  From what we have gathered from his emails David has;
-Trained with multiple world class Okinawa Master instructors within the Okikukai organization.
-Met, stayed with and trained with some of our Okikukai karate family from Eastern Europe.
-In addition to Shohei-Uechi Ryu Masters, met and Trained with Goju Ryu as well as Kendo system Masters.
-Participated as a competitor in the famed All Okinawa Tournament, advancing in both Kata and Kumite as the only USA Representative in the tournament this year.
-Has had individual training instruction from the All Okinawa Tournament First and Second Place Kumite World Champions.
-Was invited to test for Nidan rank, and passed in a test, where at least two other candidates were actually failed by the Okikukai testing board.  He even called the dojo for Jack’s blessing to test!  Now that’s a class act.

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