Senior American Instructors Promoted in Overseas Training Trip

Following is a letter we just received from Sensi Steve Banchik (Stoughton Dojo) relaying the details of what sounds like was a fantastic trip to Okinawa.

A Special Congratulations goes out to all those senior instructors making such an effort to capture the art we all work so hard to perfect!  They go in order that they may continue to provide authentic karate knowledge to all of their students.   We can’t wait to hear first-hand, the “nuggets” of information these guys surely took back with them from Karate’s “Home Country”.

Sensi Banchik’s Letter:

Hi all,
I am writing to let everyone know about Joe Montanino’s successful examination for 7th dan in Okinawa on July 4, 2008.
After a grueling intensive training schedule,  (2 hour classes morning and evening every day for 2 weeks) in the intense Okinawa heat and humidity the test was scheduled for 5 in the afternoon, during the hottest time of the day. All of the candidates did exceptionally well before a test board made up of Nakahodo sensei, Takara sensei, Yonamine sensei, Higa sensei, Tamayose sensei, Okuhama sensei, Yamashiro sensei, Toburu sensei. Ryuko Tomoyose  was present but did not sit on the board. This was a test board that all who tested can be proud of testing in front of. Many positive comments were made of their technical understanding and kata performance.
Also testing were Dan Rinchuse, 7 dan from Pennsylvania and Bob Otto, 7 dan and Jeff Salsbach 3 dan from Florida.
After the test a congratulations / sionara  party was held and attended by the test board members as well as other Okinawan instructors who came for the party. The candidates were awarded their rank certificates and all members of the trip received intensive training certificates for 15 days of training.
Members of the Okinawa trip included,
Steve Banchick, Joe Montanino, Dan Rinchuse PA, Bob Otto FL, Larry Stinchula PA, Jeff Salsbach FL.
Mel Kukich PA.
Congratulations to all,
Steve Banchick