It is with great sadness that we pass along the news of Jack Dowd’s passing in September of 2017.  

Jack spent nearly 40 years donating his time to countless numbers of students.  Jack’s shining moments were in his senior black belt classes.   Anyone who attended regularly knew of his  gruff “Old School’ teaching style.   However if you hung in there, after a while it became apparent Jackie had a huge capacity to offer help.  His goal was always to make you better, to help you grow as a karateka.    Jack knew this was admittedly sometimes difficult to see in him …and he always struggled to articulate.    He had limited patience for poor performance and only knew a few ways to get his message across.    Those that knew him best though could understood his dry sense of humor and caring.

Jackie  was a hermit in his private life, but appreciated all the personalities he interacted with in karate.   He had a memory of an elephant and could recall all kinds of stories and facts from early karate in the United States.    He knew many of the “Old Lions” of Uechi karate around the country and would piece together for new and old students alike the network of karate family trees.    Jack would tell you what you needed to know form each  …and you heard it plainly spoken.   If that rubbed anyone the wrong way, Jackie certainly didn’t care.   Jackie spent his ow life studying and passing along karate knowledge.   Anyone could tell he felt the right to his opinion, and from where I usually sat over through the years there were plenty of times Jack wasn’t all that far off.    You have  to appreciate someone who never really talked with any social pomp and circumstance.   No sugar coating, no BS with Jackie Dowd.

So, this is just cheers to an old karate family member from the dojo.    “Dojo is people” …we’re always a different dojo when someone leaves the floor and passes on.   Jackie was at the very least a huge presence during his many decades at IOK…


-Billy G

“Your other left!!!”

“That was your worst one yet”

“I’ve been telling you this for 30 years, but you don’t ever listen”

“That’s exactly the way Master Uechi envisioned it” (Usually after you screwed up several times already).

“Finally …you’re starting to learn it”

“There’s no fun in karate!” (in jest)




  1. Sensi Dowd was always present and made you feel (sometimes painful) the essence of each move. A man who respected the art and tried to hold the teaching in high regard. I enjoyed and respected his discpline. Rest in peace.

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