The Institute of Okinawan Karate Do is one of the oldest karate dojos in Massachusetts.  Our school’s doors have been open since 1962, and overseen through the years primarily by Master Instructor Mr. Jack V. Summers. IOK’s black belt ranks comprise a large group of local karateka, including many master instructors of Mr. Summer’s personal tutelage.  Our group is very fortunate to have such depth of knowledge and dedication to the fighting arts readily available to even a beginner level student on his or her first day of classes.

zjacksummers.jpg Mr. Jack V. Summers (November 5, 1926 – June 18, 2014), Hanshi 10 Dan.

Largely due to Mr. Summers’ lifetime commitment to the martial arts, and his International recognition as a premier personal trainer, IOK holds affiliation with several of the highest quality traditional Shohei – Uechi Ryu dojos in the world.  Included on that list are several excellent local dojos.  IOK’s senior instructors offer their students some of the best karate there is to find.

Below is a list of the instructors currently holding class at IOK:

zrussc.jpg Mr. Russell Centamore, Kyoshi 7 Dan.

Mr. Jack Dowd Mr. Jack Dowd, Kyoshi 8 Dan.

zbillyg.jpg Mr. Bill Giovannucci, Kyoshi 7 Dan.

zgaryg.jpg Mr. Gary Goodman, Renshi 6 Dan.

mike2.jpg Mr. Mike DeGiso, Kyoshi 7 Dan.

zjohn.jpg Mr. John Perrone, Renshi 6 Dan.

swan-color.gif Mr. Chris Swan, Shidoin 4 Dan.

david_chan.jpg Mr. Kuon (David) Chan, Shidoin 3 Dan.
Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor,


Below is a list of senior IOK members:

z963.jpg Mr. Bruce White, Kyoshi 7 Dan.

z456.jpg Mr. Robert Mario, Kyoshi 7 Dan.

zsuzy.jpg Mrs. Suzie Melchionda, Renshi 6 Dan.

z123.jpg Mr. Frank McLaughlin, Renshi 6 Dan.

rich.jpg Mr. Richard Owens, Shidoin 3 Dan.

Mr. Mark Affsa, 3 Dan. (Relocated Member)
Private Lessons, SAN DIEGO – Ranch Bernando, CA Phone: (858) 367-0034