IOK Open Workout on Nov 3 at 9AM

Hello to all,

On November 3rd at IOK we are having an open workout starting at 9 AM.  Several instructors from other dojo’s will be attending. We are going to go through kata, bunkai, point sparring, foot sweeps etc…

We are planning on small sessions in order to cover several items.  Brown belts and above are invited.  Hope to see you all there.  If anyone notices missing names, please spread the word.


3rd Thursday of the Month – Advanced Classes (sparring, pad work, footwork, takedown defense, cardio)

I will be teaching every third Thursday night of the month (advanced class), starting on Thursday, 2/21/13 (7:00-8:30 PM).  The class will be a lighter version of my Sunday class.  Please bring gloves (boxing gloves are preferred), shin pads, mouth piece, and cup.  The class is very safe (and fun) and you don’t have to spar if you don’t want to.

You will find that most of what we do is rooted in Uechi Ryu karate.

You can go at your own pace and watch parts that you don’t want to participate in. As we progress with the class we can customize it to the needs of specific requests. Please let me know if there are any areas that you are interested in exploring.

The following is a representation of the class curriculum:

1.       Warm up: light exercises for 10 minutes ( could be cardio kata or other drills)

2.       Partner work outs (bag work, kicking drills, combination drills, foot work drills, trigger drills, etc): 15 minutes

3.       Pad work: 30 minutes

4.       Pummeling, sticky hands, ground defense or take down defense (15 minutes)

5.       Light sparing (15 minutes) (20%)

6.       Stretching (5 minutes)

I am hoping to have a lot of fun with the class and I look forward to working with everyone.

– Michael A DeGiso

Sunday Sparring Classes

Hi all.

Just a reminder that our Sunday sparring classes have been going pretty well.  Nice crowd of hard workers.  If you’re interested in getting better at sparring or just want to get into better shape come on by.  Each to their own pace and ability.

See you in the dojo!

Dual First Place Finishes at New England Open

David Chan and I went down to compete at the New England Open yesterday and had a great time.  There was a very large turnout and it was interesting to meet people from other organizations.  The best part of the day was this:

1st place

David took first place in kata and I in sparring.  On the drive to the tournament David was was very serious about both of us winning first place.  The desire to do his best really came through as he nailed a perfect Seisan.  I did well against my opponent in continuous contact sparring and feel our training at IOK was great preparation.

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