SD Class @ 110 Fitness – Goldfish Swim, Rockland, MA

Denise and I were invited this week by Goldfish Swim Club and 110 Fitness in Rockland, to present SD material for a few hours Monday night.   What a great class and great group of young kids that showed up.  All had fun hitting, kicking  …and expressing themselves loud and clear with verbal assertiveness exercises.


Kudos to the organizers and many thanks to the hosts, Bill and Marina from Goldfish Swim.  And, Brett from 110 Fitness. The venue was a very cool boxing gym that runs classes for specialized groups, like a science-based, classical boxing program for people managing Parkinson’s Disease.  The young high-school aged swimming instructors for Goldfish were clearly budding community leaders.  They demonstrated lots of strength and confidence in what for most was a first exploration into the adult world of self-protection responsibilities.





Much appreciation as well for our cool first time facilitators, Elyse and Sienna.    They added to the fun and were needed with such a large group!   Can’t wait to do it again.


-Billy G.