A big congrats go out to all who were promoted at the Fall Promotional Test this past Sunday!   This was a great promotional.   Daniel Barber, Tania Vieira, Brendan Kelly and Glenn Kaplan, all of affiliate dojo’s  rose to the occasion in very good form.  In addition, Chip Quimby (Salem Dojo Owner) and Wayne Greenside (one of the Marshfield’s great Instructors) personified great spirit and technique.

The younger guys (teenagers) in particular showed notable perseverance and character.   And, congratulations to Tania who was promoted to Nidan.  It should be noted she not only held her own with fire and fortitude, but was one of the strongest showings of the day.

A special congratulations to both Adult Instructors Chip and Wayne.  These instructors passed their 6th Degree test with Renshi (Advanced Teacher Certification) status.  These two guys are known to work hard, and their years of studying and teaching in the Shohei / Uechi system deserve this recognition.

This was one of the better recent promotionals.  Not only were the candidates well prepared, hard working and deserving but there were also almost 20 instructors from 5 different schools present to vote and contribute on the promotions board.  Consensus is this was a very successful promotion.  All involved should be inspired.

-Billy G. / IOK


We now look forward to the spring promotionals, where we may have as many as 12 possible candidates from IOK’s own Dojo alone.  More to come on those dates and dates for special workouts in 2009!