Sensei Andre on NFL Video Speaks about Karate

Friend of the dojo, Sensei Andre Tippett, from the Okinawan Karate Club, was on a recent NFL Total Access video about Karate.  Thanks to Dave for the link!

Tippett interview 2013


Excellent point fighting

Here are some clips of a good friend of the dojo.  Enjoy.

Plyometrics Seminar at OKC Dojo

A bunch of us have just returned from an excellent plyometrics seminar run by Sensei Andre T at the Okinawan Karate Club.  We went over a bunch of plyometric exercises that can specifically assist the karate practitioner in developing explosiveness.  Folks from several dojos joined in and comradery ran high.  The instruction was really top notch.  Sensei Andre will be teaching another seminar on kumite soon.  Keep your eyes open for the invite as I’m sure this will be another opportunity to receive world class instruction.

Thanks to the Sensei Andre and the Stoughton dojo for having us.