TRAINING WITH THE MASTERS …Senior Promotional in N. Attleboro, MA

A BIG thank you goes out to Sensei’s Ed and Jeanie DeCosta, owners of the North Attleboro, MA Dojo for last week’s…


                                      P8090125  Gary 

Okikukai Senior Officers and 10th Dan Masters Sensei Nakahodo and Sensei Higa presided as the consummate gentlemen our organization has come to treasure.   These two octogenarian Masters are truly special teachers.  We cannot thank them enough for exhausting themselves each day trying to better every karateka in attendance.


The additional presence of Okinawa’s reigning three-time All Okinawa Kata Champion,  Asao Nakasone was a special treat.   Asaosan (5 Dan) offered fantastic contributions to a great week of karate.  Further attesting to Asao’s character, the Kata Champ was very helpful and humble.  And, was even overheard saying his coming in third place in the All Okinawa Kumite Competition also was “Lucky!”


Capping off the week, the DeCosta’s escorted the official Okikukai contingency to Jack Summers gravesite, where Okinawa presented a ceremonial Certificate of Appreciation to Jack’s wife Claire Summers.  This tribute to the decades Jack worked to promote Uechi- Shohei Ryu Karate and the Okinawa culture in this region of the world was a heartfelt and significant gesture, authentically in the honorable warrior spirit of karate family.

Presentation to Claire

Of course CONGRATULATIONS to all the senior rank candidates who promoted.  This was the best test I can recall participating in.   High calibre karateka travelled not just from New England, but from far and wide, California, Canada, Pennsylvania and others.  There was “much sweat left on the floor” during the week.  As the week was a relatively abbreviated preparation with our Okinawa Seniors, all will attest to a feeling of extra pressure having to improve and rise to the occasion in front of such gracious teachers among a strong group of candidates.

Mike                                      Russ



Pointing at his colleague the venerable Master Nakahodo Sensei, Higa Sensei said that the training and promotional had been, “Excellent  …he said so.”


-Billy G.

Spring 2013 Promotional CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations are in order to IOK’s David Chan in achieving the rank of San Dan at our group’s recent Spring Promotional.  David performed extremely well as was expected and is a credit to the dojo.  Hard work in Uechi-Shohei system, as well as a constant effort to expand and improve his martial arts base is what makes David an outstanding karateka.   IOK is certainly glad to have him.

At this promotion, our board of affiliates were also blessed with the presence of Jack Summers who appeared in fine form.  Jack was sure to reminded us not to let pass by an opportunity for teachers to emphasize hip recovery in our students’ forms training.  Hip exchange is critical to maintaining center through movement.  We are all wise to keep in mind that allowing training tools that assist in developing this habit to go under utilized can lead to an atrophy of this very basic concept in our karate.   It is easy to allow bad habits to creep in.

Congratulations to all the other candidates who were promoted from other dojos.   Thank you as usual to all participating partners and board members who helped out fir the day.  Some cool pictures of the group.




Congrats go out to KEITH MULKERN and JAY WALKER, as well all the hardworking local Okikukai karateka involved in last weekend’s Spring Promotional!

Keith and Jay were promoted to Sandan


There was substantial effort by each of the candidates.  It is also noteworthy we have had yet another professionally coordinated testing session between and among our group of affiliated dojo.   Many thanks to all the dojo owners and instructors who make that possible.  Much progress in the last few years in this direction, and a feeling of many good things to look forward to in the future with this crowd.  AWESOME to see that.



General Workout and Test Schedule

Here’s the latest info from Sensei Gary:

Sunday February 12
Okinawa Karate Club Stoughton

Hojo Undo w/Andre Tippet
Seisan Bunkai W/Russ Centamore & Gary Goodman

Sunday March 25
Okinawa Karate Club Stoughton

Sunday April 29
Sansei ryu Bunkai
3rd Dan and above
Institute of Okinawan Karate Quincy

Sunday May 20
Dan test
Okinawa Karate Club Stoughton

Sunday October 14
Brockton Karate Club

Sunday November 18
Dan test
Brockton Karate Club

2011 Spring Promotional

The Association’s Spring promotional was held on Sunday May 15th, 2011 at the Okinawan Karate Club, Stoughton.  There were seven candidates testing for rank from shodan to to yondan.  Great spirit was shone by all of the participants.  The board members noted the improvement of all candidates since the pre-test  and were very pleased with the level of achievement.  All students passed and were awarded their new rank.

Sunday May 15th, 2011 at the Okinawan Karate Club, Stoughton

Sunday May 15th, 2011 at the Okinawan Karate Club, Stoughton.  IOK crew.