Master Kiyohide Shinjo and Narihiro Shinjo – CONNECTICUT KOSHUKAI 2015


It is IOK’s pleasure to pass along the below Summer Camp invitation from the Uechi Karate Academy in Hartford, CN.

Training sessions with Master Shinjo (Discovery Channel Documentary) would be a fantastic take for any and all who may be able to attend some of this upcoming July event.

It can be difficult to travel for training especially in the Summertime.  However,  we are certainly grateful to be included in the distribution list and are hopeful some karateka from our karate family branch will make it down to this. Nothing is more inspiring than to see students and teachers bring back such a training experiences to share on our own dojo floor.

Please also note …This same Connecticut Dojo is likewise offering a weekend training with Master Jim Thompson  in October.   Sensei Thompson from the Michigan area has been a well known outstanding Uechi instructor for decades.  Its been many years since he has visited IOK, but his presence in New England this Fall would be a great opportunity if you can get to that.    Details and registration can be found on the Uechi Karate Academy’s website events webpage.


-Billy G.

Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2015 1:51 PM
Subject: 2015 Koshukai at UCONN with Masters Shinjo, Masusaki, Thomson

 Greetings Uechi Ryu Practitioners!

 2015 Koshukai is about 6 weeks away and we hope to see you there!  Sensei Shinjo has asked us to invite all Uechi practitioners . Please see details and registration information at – Thank you for posting the attached information in your dojo.


John Spencer, John Griffin and Tom Piacentini