Thanks Sensei Michael DeGiso

After the Saturday class we all got together (Sensei Russ even brought down the kids class) at Sully’s to say thanks to Mike for everything he’s been doing for the school.  He’s really been putting a lot of time and effort into coming up with creative and effective sparring training.  He has also donated a considerable amount equipment to the school.  Jay, Keith and several others came up with the idea to show Mike how appreciative we all are.  He was presented with a gift card (not to be used on more dojo equipment), a numbered and autographed copy of George Mattson’s “The Way of Uechi-Ryu Karate” and a new black belt embroidered in Japanese with the renshi stripe.  He’s a top notch instructor and we are honored to have him at IOK.  Many thanks to Sensei Mike!