May Promotional Results

CONGRATULATIONS is in order to 15 students from our group of affiliate dojo’s in Massachusetts who received promotion this past Sunday.  On May 17 2009, ranks ranging from  Shodan to Renshi / Rokudan were awarded to well deserving candidates.  Scoring was notably on the high side for several, showing an exceptional responsibility for self training taken …a key factor in staying focused and making progress  in a lifetime endeavor.   Karate is not simply a goal of achievement .

Rank Day - May 17, 2009, Quincy MA USA 02169

All must be commended for A TON of hard work and self discipline.   Improvement from the March pretest was significant across the board.  Work is never done of course.  There will be much to comment on when back on the dojo floors this week.   However, it was a standard setting test, successful in many ways;   Spirit was very, very high in all present   … hard work was evident in all …concern for technique even had some long time students on edge who were truly desiring to show improvement (4 candidates for 6th Dan over 50 years old!).  The testing Board was also again overwhelmed by contributing teachers, giving rise to my thought this group has come a long way in solidifying a family approach to passing along the oral tradition of  Shohei Ryu, our many esteemed instructors at Okikukai in Okinawa and the legacy of Master Uechi.

All should be congratulated.  Thank you to all the students from every dojo involved with this particular promotion for truly making teaching easy and the group of schools look  great.   Thank you to Gary as well for capturing one of the better post-promotion photo’s in a while, and for his hard work in putting together a video about Jack Summer’s lifetime of teaching (40 years since his Shodan Test!)  that we all can’t wait to get a peak at!

-Billy G. / Quincy

2 thoughts on “May Promotional Results

  1. P.S. Jack did make a point at the end to comment about retracting strikes in sparring. As demonstrated by Andre, this is critical to maintaining balance in driving on offense. Not doing so is also a strong indicator your footwork could be improved, because overextending to the target shows the feet have been left behind on the drive! Its not necessarily a fighting stylistic point, but a balance point. This is fundamental to throwing combinations. Of course, we are all grateful that was Jack’s sole public comment, other than a rarely inspired hearty cheer down at Sully’s …which by the way means you all did very good yesterday!

  2. Good post Bill. It was a great promotion. I definitely look forward to the movie on Jack!

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