Regular Saturday Sparring Classes in 2008!!!

Starting in 2008, Russ will lead a Sparring Class the last Saturday AM of every month.  Please don’t miss this chance to hone your skills and learn how the traditional Okinawan karate training you do applies in real time.

Students are expected to bring/wear proper protection, including mouthguard, cup, pads, etc…   Contact Billy G. for advice and some good options are to where/how to purchase this equipment.


3 thoughts on “Regular Saturday Sparring Classes in 2008!!!

  1. Oh this sounds fun. Count me in!

    We should make sure to put up a poster in the dojo to help remind everybody.

  2. Wow it was a real nice turn out today. Lots of fun drills and sparring at the end. Thanks Russ!

  3. Everyone,

    Please rember to bring equipment to participate in the sparring session at the last half of these monthly classes. The school has some old basic foam pad sets, but the selection is slim.

    Mouthpiece …Cup Protection …Hand Pads …Foot/Shin Pads, …and Headgear are available at a variety of price ranges.

    Please see/contact Billy G. for advice and options.
    CELL (617) 592-5893

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