Jack Summers Promotion

Here’s a quote from okikukai.jp:

Jack Summers, Quincy Massachusetts USA Okikukai Promoted to 9th Dan.  Summers Sensei met the stringent time qualification standards in November 2006. On January 28, 2007 the Okikukai Board of Promotions decided upon promoting Summers Sensei to 9th Dan as the first order of business at the board meeting in the New Year.  It was unanimously approved.   Congratulations Summers Sensei.


3 thoughts on “Jack Summers Promotion

  1. It was a large and enjoyable gathering with Jack and the various schools. Food and drink were superb. Glad to have been able to attend.

  2. looks great… few comments.
    Should Capitalize Sensei and Dan

    Instructors should have name and teaching and belt rank

    ie: John Perrone
    Shihan, 5th Dan

    Russell Centamore
    Renshi, 6th Dan

    Same with Jack, Hanshi, 9th Dan

    It is a way to give Credentials to the school.

    Great Job As Gary ifI can swap my picture to pic 45
    on his web site I will forward his emaill with all the photo’s if a problem skip it

    Happy New Year


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